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    PatientsWe take a team approach to health care.

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    ProfessionalsOur Team is an interdisciplinary group of Health Care Professionals.

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    LearnersOur health professionals teach students in medicine, nursing, social work and nutrition.


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Dr. Oxana Kolenchenko: For more information, please call 905-685-4866.
Dr. Jorin Lukings: For more information, please call 905-984-3335.
Mental Health and the Workplace

In Canada, psychological health issues are a leading cause of both short and long-term employment disability. To address this issue, the Mental Health Commission of Canada developed the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. This Standard is currently being piloted by a number of Canadian employers.

Dedicated to the well being of its employees and patients, The Garden City Family Health Team supports the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and encourages other employers to consider implementing it in their organization. For more information please visit: Mental Health Commision Website

Prescription Renewal Policy McMaster Niagara Site Patients ONLY

When you are running low on your prescription medication, please have your pharmacy fax our office a request for your renewals 48-72 hours PRIOR to running out. Thank you!